Track list

1 Kaleidoscope [ft. Jónsi]
2 Escape Me [ft. CC Sheffield]
3 You Are My Diamond [ft. Kianna]
4 I Will Be Here [ft. Sneaky Sound System]
5 I Am Strong [ft. Priscilla Ahn]
6 Here on Earth [ft. Cary Brothers]
7 Always Near
8 It’s Not the Things You Say [ft. Kele Okereke]
9 Fresh Fruit
10 Century [ft. Calvin Harris]
11 Feel It in My Bones [ft. Tegan and Sara]
12 Who Wants to Be Alone [ft. Nelly Furtado]
13 LA Ride
14 Bend It Like You Don’t Care
15 Knock You Out [ft. Emily Haines]
16 Louder Than Boom
17 Surrounded by Light

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